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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Immersed is the only word I can think of to describe my experience of the first three months of Caleb's little life. I am still submerged somewhat into the depths of the newborn world. Although technically he is not a newborn anymore and is growing so fast, I still see him as very young. Three months old Saturday - wow! Each day turns into night and night into day again so quickly. Today it is already 2:30 pm and I have not "done" anything. I ate some food, put some clothes on, took a nap with the baby, fed the baby a few times, changed the baby a few times, visited with a friend, walked up and down the street to try to get baby to sleep, bounced on the yoga ball, looked at some emails on my phone. The small tasks of taking care of this beloved little infant consume all of my time and energy. At the end of the day I am tired and I still haven't "done" anything...which, of course, is false. We are witnessing and participating in the most amazing growing experience of our lives! Caleb is changing every day and I am privileged to watch.

It used to be that he could not get his fists to his mouth really, then last week he could get only his whole fist in his mouth. This week he can get individual fingers in his mouth and it must feel good because he drools all over them as he babbles about it. I know he is young, but I swear that he is getting teeth already or this process is quite long because he is massaging his gums with his lower lip quite frequently and the drool has warranted a little bib most days to keep his clothes somewhat dry. He has not rolled over just yet, but it sure seems like he will soon! This week he loves to lift his head and do these little sit ups. If I hold his hands, he will pull himself up to sitting and thinks it is just so fun!

I am amazed at what a tremendous transition this is for me; not going back to work when school started felt strange and wonderful all at the same time. Now I am also gearing up a little for intensive trainings in October and I think that it will be challenging to be away even for a few hours for me. He is still so young and we are quite attached :). 

All in all, life is wonderful and amazing! It is also so different from before the baby was born that I feel almost like I've started a whole new life; as a mother. Wow! I still have to pinch myself when I think about it. I am so immersed in it and loving it that I have not even had a moment to reflect - until now. A whole new chapter - sigh!

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