Welcome to our adoption blog. It is our deepest and most heartfelt wish to be parents. We would like to share our journey with you and invite you to participate in making our wish come true. Most believe that the stork brings the baby, but in our case, we believe the cranes will!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Close!

I am embarrassed to see that my last post was January 30. I can see how time flies when you're busy as a "one armed paper hanger" - as my grandmother used to say. We have been quite busy around here and there is still more to do....LOTS more...but we are getting close! So, here is the most current - my house is a mess....It must be like the squirrels I used to watch build nests. They would just fling sticks out of the trees and they would fall down in scattered piles all around the base of the tree. I feel like all of the "pieces" to our nest are all scattered all around but we are in this "nesting mode" and it will somehow work out that soon we will have a lovely nest. The sticks that are in place so far:
1. carpet down
2. walls painted
3. crib bought
4. changing table/dresser bought
5. cloth diapers bought
6. breastpump ready
Well, that seems like a short list now, but it feels like a lot! We'll get there. We are so excited to bring him home in just two short months. Somehow I'll get the house cleaned up and sorted through and all of the sticks in place just right - or not! I'm not so sure he'll notice, really.
Today our birthmom told me that the baby has the hiccups....it is such an incredible gift, blessing, miracle that she includes me in these things and I will be eternally grateful for it.
Eternally grateful is a long time, but I mean it! I think that this journey connects us in a way that can only be understood in the span of eternity - a shared path that connects us on a path that goes far beyond this moment or this life it seems.
With love and hope,